SARA Agency - FAQS - Learn About Our Instagram Automation Software
How exactly does SARA work?
We offer Instagram automation services. (Your account will like, comment, and follow other similar users, or users you want to target, non-stop — around the clock.) (Unless you’d like to set time restrictions — We are flexible!) This will cause your account to grow at a steady rate, most users see 200 to 2000 new followers per week depending on their content/plan/set-up!
Will my new followers be real and engaging?
Yes. Our services help fine-tune your strategy for automation (liking, following, and commenting those who are relevant to you), business (what and how to sell), and content (what and when to post) in a way that’s custom tailored to suit your goals and objectives. This ensures that the followers you receive are not only real people, but these real people are actually interested in the kind of stuff you post!
Can I use my account while SARA is running?
Yes you can. You may continue to use your account as you normally would while our service runs in the background.
Do I have to produce my own content or will you do that for me?
Yes, you are the boss! I just do all of the heavy lifting to interact with different profiles and roam around Instagram looking for people who are interested in what you are doing. Posting content will still be important so that when they view your profile, they can see all of the really cool stuff we are up to!
Is it safe to use SARA?
Yes. Thousands of repeat customers serve as a testament to the safety and security of the services we offer. All information we receive is completely private and 100% secure. All accounts we have manage and will manage are still up and running strong with no issues.
Can I cancel anytime?
You may cancel your account anytime and you will not be required to make any further payments.
Does SARA work if I close my browser or shutdown my computer?
Yes, our software is designed to work while you are traveling, eating, sleeping, or simply enjoying life. Our servers will take care of everything